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Lifetime Equity Release – About us

by | Apr 12, 2022 | Lifetime News

The company was established in 2019 by Peter Huckerby and Matthew Standish to fill a niche in the market by offering expert advice on Equity Release and Specialist Later Life Mortgages to clients who prefer a personalised, easy to understand, fully managed process, whether they are at the very early stages of enquiring, or ready to apply, all the way through to receiving their funds at a pace that suits them. 

“Both Matt and I have worked for some of the largest Broker Firms in the country, but we felt that when firms get to a certain size, they can become a bit impersonal. You also see that there are other options out there that might suit the client better, such as a Retirement Interest Only Mortgage rather than ‘Equity Release’, but some firms may only offer one type of plan. There are companies who are qualified to advise on Equity Release and Later Life, but who don’t specialise in it and don’t do it every day. There’s over 900 plans in the market right now and the criteria for what lenders will and won’t accept is constantly changing, we just took a view that specialising on Later Life as a whole area was important to focus on. We both love the products and the clients so wanted to offer specialist advice with a ‘personal service’ approach”. 

Peter says “We instinctively understood that clients prefer to deal with one Advisor all the way through the process so we’ve made that happen. We also provide our clients with a dedicated Case Administrator who works with the Advisor and the client to facilitate completion of the case in the fastest possible time. Our average time from application to completing the case is 50 days for a standard case”.  

Lifetime also specialise in dealing with complex cases such as lease extensions, deed and title amendments or properties in trusts or probate as well as other scenarios. Matthew explains “Around 25% of the cases we deal with are what we would classify as ‘Technical Cases’, where we have to work closely with specialist legal teams and the lenders to get the case through, we’ve developed a lot experience and expertise in these areas, they do take longer so it’s important we manage our client’s expectations, but when we speak to them, they’ve often been failed by other brokers or declined by lenders so are really happy when we can help.” 

Although Lifetime Equity Release is a ‘young firm’, they do have a wealth of experience behind them. Peter has worked in Financial Services since 2006 and is qualified in Mortgage Advice, Equity Release Advice and Regulatory Supervision. Prior to this he worked in Team and Business Management in a several organisations.  

Matthew has worked in Financial Services since 2003 and is qualified in Mortgage and Equity Release Advice. He also has a background in Mortgage Processing and Administration and has worked for a Legal Firm who specialised in Equity Release. 

In 2019 and again in 2020 the company was nominated for the prestigious Mortgage Strategy Equity Release Awards as ‘Best Financial Advisor’, they we’re Finalists in both years but we’re beaten to the top spot by longer established firms. “To be honest, we we’re really surprised to be nominated and then get into the Final 3 because we were so early on in our business, It’s genuinely the first time I was happy to lose out! Although I’d have preferred to win.” said Peter with a smile.  

In November 2021 they did win the Yorkshire Prestige Award for ‘New Financial Services Business of The Year’, which recognises outstanding businesses in specific categories across the country. Matthew said “It was great to finally have a trophy to recognise the hard work our team puts in.” 

After beginning as an Appointed Representative, the company became Directly Authorised with the Financial Conduct Authority in May 2021 and are members of the Equity Release Council. “Obtaining Direct Authorisation was great milestone for us,” says Peter “we know our processes and advice model is good and it felt like a real win.”

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